Chilli Hot Knife 2 (HKII)


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Chilli Surfboards presents the HKII. Seamlessly updating our much-loved Hot Knife, the HKII becomes a well-rounded, step-down shortboard. This board is incredibly user-friendly and exhibits forgiveness across all types of conditions. With the outline still providing the rail-to-rail transitions with ease, the HKII boasts speed and control.


The HKII features a classic, slightly fuller shortboard outline in the front. We removed the hip through the fins, creating a more fluid ride rail to rail. This facilitates the straighter rail along the tail, enhancing speed, while a nice pulled in swallow tail allows for tight transitions when the section presents itself.

Rocker Profile

Continuing from the Hot Knife, the HK2 has a moderately flat entry rocker, transitioning into a smooth exit. The boards primary focus is maintaining its speed over flat sections while also allowing for tight transitions.


Continuing with the Hot Knife contours, the HK2 has a single through the nose into a double through the feet, that blends into a vee through the tail. This combo creates a fast board of the take-off that has a super forgiving feeling rail-to-rail and control while you finish your turns.

Fin Recommendations

To complement this model, the fins should fall in the raked template. Either the Carver family in FCS II, or the Raked family with FUTURES. The AM series works well with this board, just choose your size based on your weight.