Sharpeye Modern 2


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Alternate Range – Modern 2 Model

The Modern 2 from SharpEye Surfboards delivers the world’s fastest surfboard with Alternate Performance in Everyday Conditions.

The Modern 2 can be configured as a performance two plus one or thruster that features a flat entry rocker that seamlessly flows into a flattened exit combined with a forgiving, catch-resistant boxy rail. A Vee bottom contour through to the tail allows the Modern 2 to make tight directional changes with release while maintaining an exceptional amount of speed and drive.

The Modern 2 combines pure fun with Alternate Performance, the perfect addition to any summer quiver.

Model Outline

Alternate Range. Alternate performance outline delivering Alternate Performance in everyday conditions.

Bottom Contours


Fin Setup

2+1 / Thruster / Quad. Recommended fins:
FCS: MR Twin + Stabilizer Fins or SharpEye PC Fins
Futures: T1 Twin + 1 Fins or SE Fins